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  • Flushes out impurities from the blood for healthy, glowing skin
  • Detoxifies skin cells, improves vitality & improves ageing
  • Vitashala Daily Setox Tablets boost metabolism to manage weight and get glowing skin. Improves digestion to prevent constipation, gas, acidity, bloating. Helps prevent lifestyle disorders.
  • YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS: If you're health conscious yet occasionally binge eat junk food which ends up adding toxins to your body. If you frequently suffer from acidity, gas, stomach bloating & heaviness, constipation, slow bowel movements and difficulty passing stool every morning.
  • For better result take light meal at night Take the medicine regularly for 5 to 6 months
  • Store in a cool and dry and dark place. Protect from direct sunlight and heat

Daily Detox Capsules For Good Health

Vitashala Daily Detox

The Vitashala Daily Detox Supplement is a vegetarian supplement with a high probiotic count to support a healthy microbiome and digestive system. Maintaining a healthy bacterial balance in your digestive system is vital to optimising your overall well-being. Vitashala Daily Detox Capsules supplement contains naturally sourced ingredients that work with your body to support digestion health. Our Probiotic for women and men offers 16 probiotic strains with prebiotics. This gut health supplement is Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Soy Free & Gluten Free. It is recommended that adults take 1 capsule each day to get the benefits of Gut Support, Digestion, Immunity Support, Detox and Cleanse.


Vitashala Daily Detox - Uses & Benefits

Healthy Liver Support:

  • The active ingredient in Vitashala daily detox acts as an antioxidant by reducing the production of free radicals. Therefore, Vitashala daily detox may be beneficial for liver problems as it creates a detoxifying effect.

Bladder Support:

  • Its ability to cleanse and flush the bladder and urinary tract, whilst acting as an antimicrobial to promote a healthy urinary system, makes Vitashala Daily Detox an excellent product for the bladder and urinary tract.

Acne and skin problems:

  • In addition to acting as a diuretic, detoxifier, and anti-oxidant, Vitashala daily detox juice or tincture can help stimulate and regulate the system in order to remove toxins that contribute to acne.

Boost Your Energy with Vitashala Daily Detox Capsules

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